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Our business: we provide insight from agribusiness data and analysis

commoditia is a consultancy for international agribusiness. We provide insight from agribusiness data and analysis. Our expertise encompasses carbohydrate crops, starches, proteins and their derivatives used in a wide range of industries. We concern ourselves with the future of food and agriculture.

Our clients include most of the major processors of grains, tapioca and oilseeds. We also advise food, paper, chemical and energy companies as well as selected governments and international organisations.

Over three decades we have confronted most of the emerging issues in all the supply chains from the field, through the factory and on to the consumer. For example, we have advised:

  • Seed companies on crop traits that could be useful to industry as well as forecast crop areas to assist with supply chain planning
  • Fertiliser companies on where to find value in different crops around the world with a view to expanding their businesses
  • Grain processors on new locations and opportunities to expand capacity in emerging markets in Africa, Asia the Middle East and South America
  • Starch producers on M&A opportunities in new geographies
  • Major agribusiness on the competitiveness of different raw materials, locations and countries based on a deep understanding of the economics of commodity markets and how crop prices are evolving
  • Fermentation companies producing lactic acid, polylactic acid, citric acid and emerging fermented plant proteins on where to locate new investments and which crop to bet their business on, including how to hedge that risk
  • Government departments and organisations on how to optimise domestic crops such as wheat in the face of competition from other origins
  • International organisations on how to progress their development goals by tailoring their crop based funding to emerging commercial opportunities
  • Energy companies on how to transition to renewable sources of carbon and which are the best bets among different crops
  • Processors on opportunities for plant proteins that were once thought of as by-products and which are now leading products

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