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Agribusiness: Data. Analysis. Insight.

carbohydrate crops, proteins, the future of food & agriculture

Our business

commoditia is a consultancy for international agribusiness. We provide agribusiness data and analysis from which we derive insights. Our expertise encompasses carbohydrate crops, starches, proteins, their derivatives and the future of food and agriculture.

Our clients include most of the major processors of grains, tapioca and oilseeds. We also advise food, chemical and energy companies as well as selected governments and international organisations.

We have advised companies on plant location, how to optimise raw material supplies and where to find new markets, as well as give strategic input on how to manage rapidly changing developments in agribusiness. commoditia has also assisted governments to optimise their domestic crops.

If you have a project you would like to discuss with us, please get in touch via the WhatsApp link below or reach out via LinkedIn